On/offshore wind farms

Onshore wind farms

Avedore Holme (DK)
Avedøre Holme wind farm (DK)         The picture shows the Avedøre Wind Farm, just 5 km from the city centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. The 12 Bonus 300 kW wind turbines (and one 1,000 kW power company test wind turbine) are located next to a 250 MW coal-fired power plant.

Offshore wind farms

Middelgrunden (DK)
Middelgrunden offshore wind farm (DK)         Denmark currently has some 2,000 MW of wind power and 6,000 wind turbines in operation (at time of danish site). 80% of the turbines are owned by individuals or local wind turbine co-operatives. The largest wind farm in Denmark is Middelgrunden, which is also the largest offshore wind farm in the world. It consists of 20 Bonus 2 MW wind turbines - a total power of 40 MW. The largest land based wind farm in Denmark is Syltholm on the island of Lolland, consisting of 35 NEG Micon 750 kW wind turbines - a total power of 26,25 MW.

Vindeby (DK)
Vindeby offshore wind farm (DK)         The Vindeby wind farm in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Denmark was built in 1991 by the utility company SEAS. The wind farm consists of 11 Bonus 450 kW stall controlled wind turbines and is located between 1.5 and 3 km North of the coast of the island of Lolland near the village of Vindeby.
        The turbines were modified to allow room for high voltage transformers inside the turbine towers, and entrance doors are located at a higher level than normally. These same modifications were carried over to the subsequent Tunø Knob project. Two anemometer masts were placed at the site to study wind conditions, and turbulence, in particular. A number of interesting results on offshore wind conditions have been obtained through these studies which were carried out by Risø National Laboratory. The park has been performing flawlessly.
        Electricity production is about 20% higher than on comparable land sites, although production is somewhat diminished by the wind shade from the island of Lolland to the South.

Tunø Knob (DK)
Tuno Knob offshore wind farm (DK)         The Tunø Knob offshore wind farm in the Kattegat Sea off the Coast of Denmark was built in 1995 by the utility company Midtkraft. The picture shows the construction work with a floating crane. The Wind farm consists of 10 Vestas 500 kW pitch controlled wind turbines. The turbines were modified for the marine environment, each turbine being equipped with an electrical crane to be able to replace major parts such as generators without the need for a floating crane. In addition, the gearboxes were modified to allow a 10% higher rotational speed than on the onshore version of the turbine. This will give an additional electricity production of some 5%. This modification could be carried out because noise emissions are not a concern with a wind park located 3 km offshore from the island of Tunø and 6 km off the coast of the mainland Jutland peninsula.
        The park has been performing extremely well, and production results have been substantially higher than expected, cf. the page on offshore wind conditions.

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