Offshore farm installation

        Offshore wind energy is an extremely promising application of wind power, particularly in countries with high population density, and thus difficulties in finding suitable sites on land. Construction costs are much higher at sea, but energy production is also much higher.

Video frames
- Foundations offshore: gravity based, monopole, tripod
- Installing gravity base structures: notes on construct, install
- Gravity base structures (A): phases of construction on port
- Gravity base structures (B): explanation of structure
- Gravity base structures (C): preparation of seabed
- Gravity base structures (D): the structure from dock to site
- Installing monopiles: notes on install, construct
- Monopile transport: explanation with examples, photos
- Monopile installation, Horns Rev (A): explanation, reasons for transition piece
- Monopile installation, Horns Rev (B): installation sequence, scour explanation
- Tripod/Jacket construction: explanation with photo
- Wind turbine installation (A): general notes
- Wind turbine installation (B): old way of installing
- Wind turbine installation (C): new way of installing
- Purpose built vessels (A): general explanation
- Purpose built vessels (B): the "jack up boat"
- Purpose built vessels (C): more on the jack up boat
- Offshore wind farm installation, Egmont aan Zee-NL: notes on transportation of blades mainly
- Integrated installation approach (A): installation onshore and transportation offshore
- Integrated installation approach (B): example of jacket foundation
- Integrated installation approach (C): another example
- Installation and logistics: general notes, trends