Medium/Mega turbines

Nordtank 1500
        The prototype of the NEG Micon 1500 kW Turbine was commissioned in September 1995. The original model had a 60 metre rotor diameter and two 750 kW generators operating in parallel. The most recent version is a 1,500/750 kW model (with two 750 kW generators) with a 64 metre rotor diameter.
        The photograph was taken at the Tjaereborg site in the Western part of Denmark near the city of Esbjerg.

Vestas 1.5 MW
Blue mussels        The prototype of the Vestas 1500 kW Turbine was commissioned in 1996. The original model had a 63 metre rotor diameter and a 1,500 kW generator. The most recent version has a 68 metre rotor diameter and a dual 1650/300 kW generator.
        The picture shows the nacelle being hoisted by a crane. In the background to the left you may see the ELSAM 2 MW test turbine (on a concrete tower), and the NEG Micon 1500 kW a bit farther in the background. At the far left you can catch a glimpse of a Bonus 750 kW turbine (the most recent version is a 1 MW turbine).

Nordex 2.5 MW
       The prototype of the Nordex 2,5 MW turbine was commissioned in the spring of 2000. The rotor diameter of the wind turbine is 80 m.
        The image shows the prototype at Grevenbroich, Germany, which has a 80 m tower. The turbine has pitch power control. It is the world's largest commercial wind turbine.

Enercon E112 4.5 MW
       In 2002 Enercon GmbH, completed the installation of the first prototype of the E112, installed near Magdeburg, Germany. It has a rotor diameter of 114 metres mounted on a 120 metres high steel tower and has a nominal power of 4,5 megawatt. This machine is capable of producing enough energy for 15,000 people.
         Since january 2004, the serial production of the 4,5 MW turbine is in full operation in Enercon's production facility in Magdenburg-Rothensee.

REpower 5M 5MW
       Standing nearly 120 metres in height, REpowers 5 M turbine is world's biggest turbine at the moment. October seventh 2004 it was temporarily installed at the Elbenhafen port in Brunsbuttel, Germany. Now in testing and connected to the grid , it will eventually be moved offshore, putting out 5 MW at full output. The blades alone stretch over 61.5 metres a piece resulting in a rotor diameter of 123 metres. The turbine is equipped with a helicopter platform at the top for maintenance.
        The REpower 5M at the site in the Elbenhafen will generate around 17 million kilowatt hours per year. This is enough power to supply about 4.500 three-person households. The first turbines are set to generate electricity at sea starting in 2006

Video frames
- MBB Monopteros 370 kW: general description
- MS4 600 kW (A): general description
- MS4 600 kW (B): nacelle layout
- MS4 600 kW (C): blade, chord distribution
- MS4 600 kW (D): erection
- MS4 600 kW (E): hub system
- Bonus 1 MW (A): general description
- Bonus 1 MW (B): nacelle layout
- Nordic 1 MW (A): general description
- Nordic 1 MW (B): nacelle layout
- NEG Micon 1.5 MW (A): general description
- NEG Micon 1.5 MW (B): nacelle layout
- NEG Micon 1.5 MW (C): blade tip mechanism, hub, chord distribution
- Enercon E-66 1.5 MW (A): general description
- Enercon E-66 1.5 MW (B): nacelle layout