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This multimedia online reader is based upon the 2001 version of the Guided Tour on Wind Energy. The information was made available through Soren Krohn, at that time CEO of the Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association and author of this Guided Tour on Wind Energy. TU Delft acquired the right to use and modify the materia for educational purposes directly from Soren Krohn.
A lot of material has been added and modified since that time. In the revision of 2008 videoframes and videolectures were added, making it a real multimedia document.

The video video lectures were taped during the 2006-2007 course "Introduction to Wind Energy" at Eindhoven University of Technology and were provided in the framework of the 3TU cooperation between TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and Twente University.

Over the last years a significant number of people have been active to update and extend the content of this multimedia online reader.

Amongst them are:

Students editing and extending content :
Nancy Bradshaw
Janine Bos
Charilaos Kotsarinis

PhD Students providing material:
Thanasis Barlas
Carlos Ferreira

ICT support (video lectures):
Michiel Schok
Maurice Meegens.

Gerard van Bussel TU Delft
Herman Snel ECN

Other staff of the section Wind Energy of TU Delft


The processing of this multimedia online reader was made possible through financial subsistence from the DIGIWind project, a 3TU project to promote e-learning activities in the framework of 3TU MSc curricula. It is heavily used in the 3TU course "Introduction to Wind Energy" thaught at TU Delft. Eindhoven University of Technology and Twente university.


Evidently the copyright conditions for the material originationg from the original Guided Tour on Windenergy are respected. These copyright conditons can be found below .

Delft, January 2009, prof.dr. Gerard J.W. van Bussel.



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