Introduction page with general notes for the user of the online reader.

Dear users,

this Wind Energy Online Reader is a fully hyperlinked multimedia document to support the students of TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and U Twente in getting familiar with wind turbine technology.

The online reader is developed in the 3TU cooperation framework to support the courses AE3-W02 at TU Delft; 4P720 at TU Eindhoven and 472012 at the University of Twente. These three courses cover a similar content and are part of the core programme of the 3TU MSc curriculum Sustainable Energy Technology SET.

The main part of the online reader contains several Topics in which the complete conversion process is treated. Through the use of hyperlinks provided in the document the user may choose to swap directly to topics of interest. A large number of sections in the online reader contain video fragments and related presentation slides from the oral course 4P570 of TU Eindhoven video taped in the period October to December 2006.

The complete oral presentations (19 presentations of approximately 45 minutes each) can be found in the second part of this online reader under Additional material. The lecturers are Herman Snel (ECN) and Gerard van Bussel (TU Delft).

This online reader is not a public document. It may only be used by students enrolled in one of the three universities and may not be downloaded or copied in any fashion.

To start the tutorial click on this small windturbine:
or click directly on one of the items in the menu on the left hand side.


I wish you a lot of inspiration, fun and enjoyment with this online reader!

Delft, October 1st 2008, Prof.dr. Gerard J.W. van Bussel